Monday, January 17, 2011

Late, but better than never! Christmas

Christmas was AMAZING!! My parents, Jessie, and James all came to our house for Christmas. I wish everyone could have come, hopefully next year. On Christmas Eve, we all went to Alan's parents house for dinner. It is so nice that my family and Alan's family can spend time together. Our dads can sit and talk for hours. Christmas morning at 7:00 Alan and I went to his parents house for breakfast and to open presents with his family. Then we came home and ate breakfast again and opened presents with my family.
Christmas is a great time of year. I love that we were able to spend so much time with family. A HUGE thanks to my parents, Jessie, and James for coming so far to spend Christmas with us.
This is a picture of our beautiful Christmas tree. I know to some this is not much of a Christmas tree, but to us it was perfect this year.

I got a slanket, and some rock climbing shoes. The slanket is by far the best present ever! It is like a snuggie but better. It has a pocket at the bottom for your feet so they don't get cold.

James opening his bran new camera that he didn't know anything about. :)

Alan opening this way cool camping organizer. Thanks Ben & Brina!

My mom opening her T.V. while my dad opens his present (the bracket to hold my mom's T.V. to the wall.)

Opening presents at with Alan's family.

I LOVE shoes!