Monday, February 7, 2011

AHHHhh Honey, Honey....

12 pounds of honey really isn't that much. Right? Okay maybe it is, but I... I like honey. Not in a really really like honey type of way, but I like it. I like how on a peanut butter and honey sandwich it makes the bread kind of crusty. But that’s really the only time I use honey. But what I really really like is the idea of honey. I want to be a bee keeper. Not in a someday kind of way, but in a, if the class was on any other night other than Tuesday nights I would be in the class right now. I have it all planned out. The bees come in a box in the mail. :) That sounds fun!! I will put them on the mountain during the summer and out at the pastures during the winter. And bam, I'm a bee keeper.
I don't think I came to this idea all on my own. I think it is in my blood somewhere. I know of at least one ancestor who was a bee keeper, and on their way along the Hole in the Rock trail the wagon tipped over and the bees went everywhere. They had to wait a day for the bees to come back to the hive at night before they could move on. My Uncle Joe has or had bees, and I know my dad wanted to be a bee keeper until he got stung and quickly found out he was allergic.
So it is my blood. It is meant to be. I will be a bee keeper. All you unbelievers just wait. Someday you just might want my honey.