Friday, September 24, 2010


Stress is to life as caffeine is to soda.
Addictive, no nutritional value, adds nothing good to life.
Negative effects: weight gain, wrinkles, gray hairs, zits, increased heart rate, perspiration, sleep loss, bodily functions to not function, irritability, increase/decrease appetite, and an emotional roller coaster.
So why do we stress? Nothing good comes from it and yet it is addictive. Sometimes I even stress about trying not to stress.
Is it a learned behavior or innate?
Is it possible to be 100% stress free? How?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No longer will I sit by and do nothing!

I hate it when we are driving along and I go to get a drink and there always seems to be a bump in the road or the driver just happens to hit the brakes or gas and without fail water is all over the place. This has always seemed to be a passenger’s problem. You try to be sneaky and reach over and tip the cup of the driver but that only works once before the driver learns and just uses the other hand out of reach.

BUT….. last night as we were on a dirt road and I had a hard time getting a drink then handing it over to Alan I got a small idea. As he removed his foot from the gas and placed it on the brake to come to a slow roll, he lifted his cup up to take a drink. I was sitting girlfriend in the truck and slid my foot over ever so lightly and pushed the gas. Water first went all over Alan, and then he retaliated and splashed me with the rest. I was more wet than Alan but it was so worth it. We laughed for over 15 minutes. It was the best I have gotten him in a long time.

He may rethink tapping the brake or gas when I take a drink as a passenger from now on.