Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday Week

This week is my birthday week. I am turning 27 this year meaning I only have two more birthdays before I am 29 and stop having birthdays all together. So, I am having a birthday week this year to make up for all the non birthdays later.
Monday was my first day after surgery that I could get up and do whatever I wanted. So my gift for Monday was time. It was so nice to have time to do some of those things I just couldn't get to before.
Tuesday, Alan took me shopping. It was a lot of fun to just go from store to store and try on clothes.
Wednesday Alan took me to Tarzan at Tuacahn. We got seats in the second row and had a blast. Here are a couple of pictures we took with Alan's phone. They aren't very good but it proves we were there. Another cool thing was Denny Miller (the guy who played Tarzan in the 1959 movie) was there.

Today I went in for my post op appointment and was cleared to do all activities again. Yahoo! That means lifting more than 5 pounds, swimming, rock climbing and lots more. It was a great present.
Friday, Alan and I are headed out camping.
Saturday, more camping and fishing.
Sunday, my actual birthday, and Alan is going to do all the cooking.
I am really loving this birthday week stuff. I guess I can keep having birthdays after 29 as long as they are a whole week long.

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Kurt and Jasmine said...

I think you've started something great here!