Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moab & The Mountains

Alan had a few days off and in trying to plan where would be the most fun and adventurous we decided that Moab was the place. Saturday morning we went climbing in Millcreek along the loop road. We have never been there before but knew there were climbs. I think it is so stupid for people to park on the road right where the climbs are. It is so narrow there and makes it difficult to pass another car. So we decided to pass the bridge, park on the side of the road where there is a lot of shoulder to park on and then hike back down canyon. We found a way down at the bridge then bush whacked it to the climbs. We had a blast climbing there. It was totally different rock for us and so fun to climb in a new place. When we were done we found a rock slide and followed a trail out of the canyon. It was sooo easy and our truck was right there. No need to bush whack it and NO need to park on the other side of the creek where it causes problems for other cars passing.

We went to church on Sunday in my parents ward. In remembrance of the pioneers and 24th of July, Jean West gave a talk and at the end of it she read "missions" to people in the ward like the pioneers would have been called to. My dad's was the first and I started to cry. He was asked to take his truck and horse trailer and travel to Alaska to live. He could take Ben with him but Brina and my mom had to stay behind. My mom and us girls were to take care of the property and all the cows and such. He could take one horse with him if he thought he would need it.
She then continued to read other people in the ward their situations. Like the Calls had to take the remainder of their kids and travel to Mexico and live and teach the gospel. They had to get there in one vehicle and had no paper work to cross the border. Another family had to raft down the river but they would not have any medications for their daughter that has some health problems. It was so spiritual and really made you feel a small part of what the pioneers felt as they were given their callings.

Sunday after church Alan and I went up to the cabin. Ohhh how I love being up there. There is just something about being up in the cooler weather with lots of green that makes you feel like you could spend all of your time there and do nothing and still be happy.

On Monday, we decide to hike up Mt. Peale. Lots of my family has done this hike, but I have not. I was actually excited, which surprised me. There was fog on the mountain which made it beautiful. We hiked and kind of just found our own way up. It was absolutely amazing on the top. I loved that in all directions I could look and recognize places. Fog kept rolling in and out, but there were no signs of a real storm so we just stayed up there and enjoyed the scenery. Later I found out that we took a long time to do the hike, but we weren't in any kind of a hurry and it was just nice to be out and enjoying the mountains.

Part of being on the mountain is being reminded how great my family is. While we were there Uncle Lyman, Aunt Sandy, Uncle Lynn, and Aunt Cathy came over. We had great food, conversations and lots of laughs. I love how close our family is and how much fun we have together.
Tuesday, we packed up to get ready for the long drive home, but not before it decide to pour rain. When you think the mountains can't get any better than it rains. I love it when it rains at the cabin. We leave the door open and build the fire up really big and just watch and listen. Life doesn't get much better than that.

We finally decided that it was time to start home, even though it was still raining. We left my mom and dad at the cabin hoping they would stay a few more days, but my dad just thinks he has too much to do, and they came home later that day.

I have had this written for a while now but keep waiting on getting the pictures off of our camera. I decided to go a head and post it and I will add the pics later.

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Levi and Cassie Mallory Family said...

I couldn't agree with you more about the cabin. HOpe to see you there in a couple of weekends.