Monday, March 9, 2009


Ben was telling someone the other day how he was going to school at Snow College when I told him he should come and live with us here in St. George and go to Dixie. He did and it was a huge mistake…

Ben and Alan have been getting into trouble ever since. These are only a few pictures of there adventures as BFF’s. Now when one of them wants to go and do something the conversation go something like this.

Alan: Hey Ben do you want to go riding long boards?
Ben: Ya, lets go when I get off work today.
Alan: Okay, we can go to that big hill that we crashed on last time.
Ben: Ha, ha, that was fun!
Mariah: MMMmmm….
Alan: Oh, Mariah you can come to if you want.

This may sound like I am complaining, but I am not. When Ben left on his mission I told him I would wait to get married until he came home. Well, I met Alan two months later and we were married a year before Ben got home. I always hoped they would get along, I just didn’t expect them to get along this well. I am really thankful for this time that Ben gets to live with us. He has also become part of Alan’s family. All of Alan’s nephews and niece love him. When we have a family dinner if Ben is not there everyone misses him. Alan’s mom even said she would adopt him into the family if he would wear contacts so he had brown eyes.

Being the “third wheel” isn’t as bad as one might think. There is a lot of fun and laughter when Ben and Alan go on their adventures.


Spacey Stacy said...

Oh my gosh those are the cutest pictures, you need some cheesiy theme music playing in the background. (That's What Friends are For)
I am so glad that Alan fits in so well. We are so lucky to have such great families.

holyoakj said...

That absolutely made me laugh. I can totally hear that conversation and Ben's laugh. I miss you guys.

marionh said...

Hey missy, is your family planning on doing the Mexico service thing this year. i am trying to drum up some interest in making some projects and i never remember to ask your mom or dad.