Thursday, June 11, 2009

Saved By The Bell

Okay, it is true I could probably recite every Saved By The Bell episodes to you by memory. I was the biggest Saved By The Bell fan as a kid. So I could have been reading or doing something more educational but who could resist AC Slater?

Jasmine don't hate me for this one but anytime Jasmine and I would play and we needed fake names I would change between first names but usually it was Jesse, and my boyfriend was Slater. And Jasmine would always be Kelly and her boyfriend was Zack. I don't think we had any idea what a boyfriend really was but we knew they were cute and that was the way it was.

Jessie (my sister) sent me this link and I couldn't stop laughing.


Oh and yes, Alan does know that there is still a small spot in my heart for A.C. Who could resist those Dimples?

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Kurt and Jasmine said...

That was awesome!!! I once heard "Mark" give a interview and he really didn't like always being asked about Saved by the Bell. If you hear when the "class reunion" will be on Falon let me know. I'd love to see it.

Oh by the way I'm still Kelly when I play make believe...who could resist Zack, didn't you just see him?! :)