Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer TIme Fun

This summer has been so full of funness that I have completely neglected my blog. So here is a summer recap.
We bought a house!! I love it. I loved our house in Salt Lake but this house is Home. I love spending time here.

Alan and I got a new calling of teaching one of the 6 nursery classes in our ward.

I now work for Krumpet’s and have an office at Adams and Co. It has been fun going to work everyday with Alan. Alan got a promotion and is now the General Manager at Adams and Co. We have been traveling a lot with work doing the summer shows. If you read Nicole’s blog you saw that we got to go to Texas to visit her and Creighton and meet Carter. Who is my favorite baby ever! He is sooo cute and loves to snuggle. I miss him tons and can’t wait for them to move to Las Vegas. September 18th can’t come fast enough. We have been able to go climbing a lot this summer.

I went to the Grand Canyon for the first time. We camped at Mount Trumbel with Alan’s family then drove to the Grand Canyon the next day. (the camping was my favorite part of the trip.)

And lots of other summer usuals like family reunions, camping, trips, and ranch work for both of our fathers.

This summer has been a little different for us and we haven’t done as many canyons as usual but we have done a few canyons this year, Behunion (in the snow), Pine Creek, Yankie-doodle and one of my favorite new ones to take people on called Bitch Hollow. If anyone is in the area, has a few hours, and wants to go canyoneering give us a call!

Over the years we have done a lot of different canyons and yet we have never done the most popular canyon in Zion, Subway. Until now.

We went to Zion Mountain Resort and stayed in one of their cabins with the Hansens. On Saturday, Alan, Logan, DJ, and I went to do the Subway. We got a late start and were the last ones to start and yet we passed all 50 other people in the canyon to be the first ones out. It was a beautiful canyon and I am so glad we were able to go. Here are a few pictures.

This is the hike in.

Logan and I swimming.

Me in the first swim and it was cold!

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