Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cupcakes & The Lying Media

For our work party I made these bats and mummies.

How the Media Lies!

Last week I was feeling a little under the weather. I had a runny nose, and a mild fever. People at school kept saying "I hope you don't have H1N1." I knew I did not have it because I did not have flu like symptoms. I had cold symptoms. I took a few half days at school then Thursday night I had a high temperature and I could not get it to break. Friday, I kept getting worse, and since we now have insurance and baby Carter was coming up for the weekend I wanted to find out if I was contagious.

When we got to the Dr. Office the receptionist made me wear a mask. I felt like they had just stamped LEAPER across my forehead. I only had a cold and I probably wasn't even contagious.

As the dr. was doing her checks I asked the only question I came to get answered. This is how it went...

Mariah: "Am I contagious?"
Dr. "Yes! Very!"
Mariah: in a sad tone "Oh"
Dr. "You have H1N1."
Mariah: "No. No, I don't. I haven't thrown up; I don't feel nauseous and no diarrhea. I just have a cold."
Dr. "That is the normal flu. H1N1 is the Influenza and it is a respiratory virus. Cough, chills, congestion, and a fever."

I had tried so hard not to get H1N1. Even going to Mexico for 2 weeks, I didn't get it. But going to school did. Oh well, it will be a time to just sit and relax right? Ya, that’s what I was hoping for. But it isn't that at all. You sit here all day miserable, with a long list of things you would rather be doing. Even doing the dishes would be more fun than this.

Alan has been amazing, making me food, getting me drinks, going to the store, and playing wii all day with me. Sweet Ben and Brina even brought me over chicken noodle soup. Well, brought it to Alan in the driveway. No one is allowed to come within 6 feet of me.

This has been a huge lesson learned though. When the Dr. was telling me all about it and what to do, it was pretty much no big deal. She said take a fever reducer if you want, but the fever is good because it is killing the virus. Here is a prescription for cough medicine, but don't really take it unless you can't sleep at night. It is better for your body to cough and break it up anyway.

No big scare like the media has made it out to be. I am not going to die and there is a very little possibility of dieing from it. I can't believe the media lies!


NelsonFamily said...

I really wonder if Carter and I had h1n1 when we were back in Texas. We had a fever for days and cold like symptoms. Who knows though. I really hope you get better soon! We really miss you and want to come visit. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you from 6' away. :)

Levi and Cassie Mallory Family said...

I'm sorry you got it. School is the pits. YOu should see the routine I go through when I get home from work to try and keep from bringing it home to the boys. It's constant hand washing and sanitizer and thrying to remember not to touch my face. Then I come home and change my clothes and wash up all over again before I even get anywhere near the boys. We're all still healthy though, so I intend to keep doing it.

Jenette said...

What!? The media lies!? (ha, ha) They always twist stories to get ratings. They are like any other television show, and they LOVE to sensationalize and prey on peoples fears. That is their business. In the 1920's they called news reporters Muck Ruckers. They just rake up what muck they can, then twist and use it to their rating advantage! I am so sorry you are sick. We got Influenza A really bad this past February. I felt the same as you. Doing dishes would have been funner than coughing up a lung or two! Hang in there sweetie! You'll get well soon! Love ya!

Robert & Sara said...

That sounds like no fun! But my sister said the same thing about it where she is. Stupid media! Sorry it's taken so long, but here's the recipe:

Hot Cranberry Punch

Cook 1 qt. cranberries and 1 qt. boling water until cranberries pop. Strain to prevent pulp from getting into liquid. RESERVE LIQUID!

Boil together until red hots and sugar dissolve:
1 qt. boiling water
1/2 c. red hots
3 1/2 c. sugar
6 whole cloves
Remove the cloves after boiling.

Mix these two liquds together with 4 more qts. boiling water and the juice of 2 oranges and 3 lemons.
Serve hot or cold.

Enjoy and hope you feel better!