Sunday, December 27, 2009


We had so much fun in Disneyland. There was way too many people and I don't think we would ever go again at that time again. Even though there was a lot of people it was still magical. The highlights were when they made it snow at night, seeing all the characters, eating churros and ice cream, and getting to be like a kid again (okay, having a real reason to get to act like a kid again).

Here are a few pictures in random order because I couldn't get them to move.


Train Ride in Frontier Land

Tower Of Terror. Really fun ride really creapy workers!

It's A Small World

Newest Princess: Princess Tiana

Mr. Incredible & Mrs. Amazing

Monsters Inc.

Pluto and Mickey

Disneyland Main Street


Toy Story Army Men

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Life the size of a bug.


Spacey Stacy said...

Fun!!! We miss you guys!

Kurt and Jasmine said...

I want to go to Disney Land again. I think that is the one place you don't grow out of. Great couches too by the way!