Sunday, December 18, 2011

Baby, Oh Baby!

Can babies at 5 months have their own personalities already? My answer is YES! This is what I know of my girls so far:

Baby A:
She is a lot like her mom.
- she is very active
- she kicks hard
- she likes to stay up late
- she is stubborn (I have to move not her)
Not like me but still true.
- she is very territorial, if I lay on my left side or up against the counter she kicks until I move. Her space is hers!

Baby B:
She is a lot like her dad.
- she is very chill
- she doesn't like to get a lot of attention (she shys away during ultra sounds)
- she is a morning girl. (like 5 in the morning type)
- she is very giving, if I lay on her side, or poke at her she just moves and gives me some space.

I love my girls! They are so fun. Alan has been able to feel both girls kick. We have lots and lots of pictures (I need Alan to scan them then I can post some). Everytime I go in and see my girls I walk out missing them already. I can't wait for April to come so I can see them all day everyday. But until then I am enjoying the time we have together and each little kick and twist.


Beau, Amanda, and Gracie said...

Mariah!! I almost cried when I saw you were pregnant I am so happy for you! And then, I started to see you post things about twins in your pinterest and I got even MORE excited! Congrats! You will be the most amazing mother.

Jill, Kenny, Aiden and Capri said...

Oh, congratulations! I knew you were pregnant, but didn't know you're having TWINS!! That's so exciting! I can't wait to see pictures. I'm close enough to baby-sit you know :)

Shellie and Bryan said...

Congrats on the twins! Girls are the best! Good luck with everything :)